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Apple Pay

Cornèrcard UK with Apple Pay: for fast and easy payments with your iPhone or Apple Watch in a wide range of stores, restaurants, hotels, and anywhere merchants have a terminal equipped with contactless technology. Can also be used for payments via iPhone or iPad within a variety of apps.
Cornèrcard UK | Apple Pay?
Cornèrcard UK with Apple Pay

Cornèrcard UKwith Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an innovative mobile payment system for your Cornèrcard UK prepaid card that allows you to make fast, easy, and secure payments in stores and within apps.

Using Apple Pay

Using Apple Payfor your Cornèrcard UK prepaid card

You can add up to eight Cornèrcard UK cards to your Wallet and set up Apple Pay as a payment method for your Cornèrcard UK prepaid cards.

Pay Securely

Pay Securelywith Cornèrcard UK and Apple Pay

Your card details and personal information will not be stored in Wallet. Instead, a device account number (or token) will be generated and assigned to your Cornèrcard UK prepaid card. The token is stored in encrypted form and is transmitted along with a single-use security code when a payment is made. Your card transactions therefore remain confidential and secure.

Payment Confirmation

Payment Confirmationthrough Touch ID

You can confirm your payments by iPhone or iPad through Touch ID (digital fingerprint) with a single touch. For payments with Apple Watch, simply enter your personal passcode. This ensures that only you can make payments using your Apple device.

iPhone and Apple Watch
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