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Our innovative drive follows in the footsteps of the pioneering spirit of Cornercard, the first swiss institution to issue credit cards (Visa, 1975; MasterCard, 1998; Diners Club, 2014 and first issuer in Europe to introduce global safety standards in 2002) with a licensing portfolio which includes the world's major card issuers and the continuous attention to the evolution of todays payment systems market, such as contactless payments and PIN codes, online access and mobile access functionalities and many others.

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Agile, Innovative, Creative

Our prepaid products are fully customisable to your requirements, including co-branding. We work closely with our customers, support you from conception to launch and throughout your programme’s lifecycle. We provide CHIP & PIN, contact and contactless, as well as virtual prepaid payment solutions, all supported by 24/7 multi-language customer service for end users.


Corporate Portal

A dedicated web portal is provided for your programme administrators, enabling self-service electronic customer due diligence, with full KYC (Know Your Customer) capabilities, including card activation.


Cardholder portal

A dedicated web portal for end users enables secure, flexible access for cardholders to view their transactions, retrieve their PIN and activate their card from their PC, tablet or smartphone.