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Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Samsung Pay?
Which products is Samsung Pay available on?
What are Samsung Pay’s main features?
Where can I use Samsung Pay?
How do I get Samsung Pay?
Can I continue to use my physical card if I disable Samsung Pay or delete the digital equivalent on Samsung Pay?
What should I do if I lose my original physical card and then receive a replacement card?
Can I use a corporate card issued by one of the supported card issuers?
Can I pay values higher than £30?
How can I dispute transactions that I don't recognise?
What if I need more help using Samsung Pay?
How can I use Samsung Pay at Transport for London?
How can I set default transport card?
Where can I use Samsung Pay at Transport for London?


How does Samsung Pay work?
How do I make in-store purchases with Samsung Pay?
Will I receive a receipt after making a purchase with Samsung Pay?
How do I return a purchase if I used Samsung Pay to make the payment?
Do I need to have an active internet connection for Samsung Pay to work?
How can I keep track of purchases I’ve made with Samsung Pay?
The card image I see in Samsung Pay does not match my physical card. Is there an issue with my card?
How is my default payment card in Samsung Pay determined?
How can I add my card?
Is Samsung Pay blocked by entering the PIN or fingerprint incorrectly?
How long is the OTP (one-time password) received when registering a card in Samsung Pay valid?
How do refunds work?


How many cards can I add into Samsung Pay?
Can I add the same card to more than one phone using Samsung Pay?
Can I add a card when I am outside the United Kingdom?


How is Samsung Pay secured?
What is Tokenization?
How is Samsung KNOX used with Samsung Pay?
Does Samsung Pay store my personal/payment information in a server or my phone?
What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
Does Samsung Pay have access to my bank accounts?
Will my Samsung Pay information still be on my phone if it is hard reset or formatted?


How can I use my loyalty card?
How can I redeem points and credits from my loyalty cards?


How do I make in-app purchases with Samsung Pay?


Which Smartwatches support Samsung Pay in the UK?
How do I set up Samsung Pay on Gear?
How does Samsung Pay work on a smart watch?
How do I make a payment using a smart watch?
Is Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport compatible with non-Samsung smartphones?
Can I use Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 or Gear Sport even if I don’t have my phone on me?
Can I tap and pay with Gear at any angle?
What is the Samsung Pay companion app on the phone?
How can I review a history of my transactions made with my smart watch?
How can I register my card into the Samsung Pay app on Gear?
Will cards already registered on my Samsung Pay smartphone app appear on my smart watch?
How many cards can I register into the Samsung Pay app on Gear?
Without a fingerprint scanner, how can I be sure someone won’t use my credit or debit cards if I lose my watch?
How often does the user have to re-authenticate via PIN?
How many seconds after a user takes the watch off their wrist will they be de-authenticated?
How many seconds after a user triggers a smart watch into payment mode (by pressing and holding the Back Key), do they have to transact?
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