Samsung Pay

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Samsung Pay

Turn your phone into your wallet.
Activate Samsung Pay with your Cornèrcard today, so you can shop using your Galaxy smartphone or Gear smartwatch virtually anywhere contactless payments are accepted.
Cornèrcard UK with Samsung Pay



Using Samsung Pay

Cornèrcard UKwith Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is Samsung Electronics’ digital wallet, which enables Cornèrcard UK customers to make purchases safely, simply and quickly. Its biometric security functions and NFC provide privacy and peace of mind. Users are also able to upload their loyalty cards at selected merchants across the UK, to accumulate and redeem points. You can also set up your Cornèrcard UK as a ‘Transport Card’ to use on TfL services. This option means you don’t even need to wake your phone or verify with IRIS, fingerprint or PIN – simply touch the middle section of your phone against the contactless payment point.

Using Samsung Pay

Using Samsung Pay with your Cornèrcard UK prepaid card

Samsung pay allows you to add up to 10 bank cards in total, including your Cornèrcard UK prepaid cards. Samsung Pay also lets you store and use your Loyalty cards on your device, so all you need to carry is your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Pay Securely

Pay Securely with Cornèrcard UK and Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay transactions are authenticated by your IRIS, fingerprint or PIN. Tokenisation creates a unique randomised set up numbers to be used at each new transaction, so your real card number is never used from your phone. On top of this Samsung Knox technology adds an extra layer of defence:  it constantly monitors your phone to keep your information safe.

Secure payments with iris scan, fingerprint or PIN.

Every transaction made using your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is authenticated by your fingerprint, pin or iris scan. When paying with your Samsung Gear smartwatch, you enter your personal passcode when putting on your watch. This ensures that only you can make payments using your Samsung device.

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